As smart phones and tablets are widely used currently, a larger battery is needed. Therefore, a lot of manufacturers provide high capacity batteries. But the fact is, a large capacity battery cannot meet the needs of users when they are going outside or traveling.

There are a number of users who need a portable power bank of a smart phone or tablet. But maybe a lot of people ask about the advantages and disadvantages of external battery. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of external battery.

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Advantages of External Battery

1. Very helpful when you are in a journey without electricity.

2. External batteries generally have high power and high capacity is very large, which makes the charging process much faster.

3. External batteries with micro USB or mini USB ports can supply energy several different gadgets brands.

Disadvantages of External Battery

1. In some cases, external batteries can actually shorten the battery life.

2. The price is very expensive, especially large capacity external batteries and top brands external batteries of good quality, such as artificial Sanyo, Alkaline and Panasonic.

3. High capacity external batteries are usually heavy, and some species have to be operated with the support of the USB cable.

4. External battery requires processes such as battery charge, the usual duration can be 5 to 6 hours or even a day to full capacity.

5. SIM card may be damaged for too long use of the external battery.

The growth of smart devices and users in the world continues to increase, such as Blackberry, Android and iOS. Unfortunately, these smart devices are greedy in energy consuming battery.

Well, for you who do not want to run out of power, then you would not want to buy this product are advised to keep your connectivity. Currently, external batteries are on the market in the range of tens of mA to 1000 mA. Of the range before, many external batteries have power 5000 mA-6000 mA so they seem the most to offer. Quality of external battery can be seen from how much power is lost during use. The best portable charger of high quality has less percentage of power lost.

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10/31/2013 06:14:21 pm

Nice blog.Thanks a lot for updating about the advantages and disadvantages of external batteries.

Brian kirui
11/20/2013 05:18:14 pm

Wots the best power bank for iphone 5

12/7/2013 04:45:15 am

Thanks a lot for your help
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7/20/2014 04:25:05 am

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9/22/2015 11:21:05 pm

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of external battery.


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