Why mobile power market is still relatively in disorder?

1.There are a lot of mobile power brand in the market, but the really good ones are less. The technology of mobile power is not extremely advanced in the market, but the sale volume is high, the technology of Iphone External Battery is still the initial stage of trial and error, and the allowed capacity and the actual capacity standards are still to be formed.
2. The government is still not involved. Although the mobile power is sold well in the market and it slowly becomes a big industry, Speaking of influence, are still far from being able to force the government to develop industry standards, because there is no important in the incident mobile power.

3. In the current mobile power, charging treasure is just a small part, which is not enough to allow the giants to carve up the cake. To form industry-standard things must be an independent thing which is not attached to a product.

We should pay attention to the portable external battery charger markets, and the growth of mobile power industry will always be step-by-step. We all hope that mobile power industry can obtain the development and grow, so that all the people can enjoy the fruits of science and technology.

The rapid development of high-end electronic products and high-performance needs and promotes the development of power technology, it is mainly reflected in:
1, it mainly takes the introduction of new technology or new power operating mode to improve the power efficiency;
2, higher levels of integration, including power output integration, integrated digital control and protection functions;
3, improve the flexibility of the power supply design, including a wider range of input voltages and output programmable set;
4, advanced packaging technology, these new packaging technologies bring more optimal thermal management and smaller PCB footprint size.

In 2010, the smart phone and tablet (Iphone, Ipod , Ipad, Sumsung, Motorola, blackberry, Nokia...) developed tremendously, the quick die-off battery becomes a frustrating problem for the users. www.external-battery.net found the external battery division to solve this matter. Soon after, we lunched the external battery and Iphone power bank with fashionable designs, reliable quality and competitive price. At present, our product line has been expanded from the battery charger to mobile phone cases and accessories which are suitable for iPhone, iPods, iPad, smart phones, digital tablets and other portable devices.

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From the configuration view, mobile can be said to be changed now, both the CPU speed, memory size, and the volume of space, phones have made a leap of progress than in the past, some with high level models even have old computer has been reached. But speaking of battery capacity, upgrading may not so much, thus created a hardware power consumption mix high-capacity battery low status, insufficient battery life is unavoidable.

In order to ensure that charges at any time, access to longer battery life, many cell phone users are equipped with a power bank supply is selected. Today we have for the majority of mobile phone users has selected several of the recent hot power bank, those paragraphs not only shape fashion, can easily mix together with your phone, and also has a nice portable, allowing users to enjoy a relaxing trip.

Shenzhen City eye Electronics Ltd is a power bank development production and sales of the company. power bank uses simple fashion design, body size is moderate, can easily carry, a size-nominal battery capacity, you can choose according to their needs of their favorite power bank. Value for money is very good, needy consumers may wish to consider.
Power bank to charge their cell phones to pay attention to the problem

If your smart phone battery is often not enough to require frequent use of power bank. So in order to extend the battery life of the phone, the proper use of power bank to charge the phone is very important. In particular, pay attention to the following few;

1, The use of power bank adapter to charge the phone

2, The voltage matching: power bank supply rated output voltage of 5V, should generally be controlled in the range of 5V ± 0.1V, or can not charge to 5V part load.

3, the phone prompts level is too low, it is timely to charge

Can charge their cell phones start charging, you can charge off

5.to power bank charging, the charging time is not too long, the best fully charged, timely from the outlet down, otherwise it will reduce power bank and cell phone battery self-protection.

6.Power bank charge their cell phones, or charge, it is not normal to overheating, there may be no overcharge and over discharge of circuit protection. This power bank mobile phone battery will have a bad effect.

7, the quality of the cable: the individual power bank will the cable quality reasons, resulting in long charging time, even charging failure. , Though not common, but to buy time to look.
Mobile power has been favored by digital players

Today, mobile phones, laptops and other mobile terminal digital equipment has become an integral part of everyone's daily life, the frequent use makes the battery of these digital devices cannot support the actual demand, so mobile power digital devices endurance is the headache of so many digital players, the emergence of the mobile power perfect solves this problem. Mobile power has been favored by digital players due to its small size, excellent portability. However, in face of a wide range of mobile power products, how to choose the portable power bank? I believe that many users still have a lot of errors in the selection of mobile power; we will introduce mobile power purchase for you.

1. Mobile power quality - judge quality from the price
Currently we can often see some mobile power on the market whose price is very low, the capacity is 5000 mAh ,6000 mAh or even tens of thousands mAh, such kind of price and battery capacity obviously unreasonable exist, the capacity may be virtually standard or even batteries may use the old laptop battery. Currently mobile power on the market whose cost is over one hundred RMB is relatively reliable.

2. Mobile power conversion rate (ie, performance) - determine the capacity from the conversion rate
Currently, the mobile power conversion rate of a qualified mobile power product should be 70% -80%, and a good mobile power conversion rate is even more than 90%, that is, for example, if a mobile power nominal is 6000 mA, the actual output power should be at least 4500 mA. Although this approach cannot guarantee that we do not buy inferior quality mobile power, this method can play a remedial role, avoid uses not realizing it after using inferior products, resulting in more serious consequences.

3. Mobile power quality - judge quality from the appearance 
The appearance of a product is made through opening mold, a mold mobile power cost hundreds of thousands of money and fin mold may even cost millions of RMB, in this case, cheap poor quality mobile power brand is difficult to afford such large sums of expenditure. If the mobile power shell needs to put into a large number of costs and effort of manufacturers, directly bought batteries are not anything better? So try to choose the best portable charger products with sophisticated appearance.

4. Mobile power usage – judge the usage from the function
Many big brands enrich the functionality of the mobile power products, most of the early mobile power is the battery like mobile hard disk box, but a lot of mobile power added the design such as LED lights, and so on, allowing users to use as the flashlight. In addition, many mobile power products have characteristics such as power switch, direct charge interface design; many of these designs are based on the understanding of the product and user requirements, which is a supplement for single mobile power function.        

Guangzhou Sunwith Co., LTD. established in 2005, is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited. We are a professional and famous power bank manufacturer and exporter in China. At present, our product line has been expanded from the battery charger to mobile phone cases and accessories which are suitable for iPhone, iPods, iPad, smart phones, digital tablets and other portable devices.

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If the birth of the mobile power with a sort of chance, then sweeping through the world of smart handheld devices, mobile power to "fire" is a historical necessity. Ten years ago, mobile power supply manufacturers and brand is almost zero, and stimulate a significant increase in sales of smartphones in 2010, mobile power growth spurt, incomplete estimates there are over one thousand brands to enter the market. When the competition is heating up, how to stand at the top of the industry, once again lead the trend of consumption? The the product wins R & D cycle and product update cycle has reached the speed of the year to second-generation products, PISEN original "trinity" of production and sales network has been extended to all provincial capitals in the Chinese mainland and most of the focus in two cities, in the major communications, IT stores have been opened more than 300 brand stores, entities dealership and network vendors are numerous, and provide a strong guarantee for the realization of the convenience of purchase and after-sales service. Product wins are not satisfied with this product wins as a sales champion, and industry leaders have begun to think and explore the future of mobile power industry.

In the the product wins chairman Zhao Guocheng opinion, the mobile power must not only be a popular product to meet market demand, but the steps leading to an emerging industry, mobile power products to promote as industry, quality wins as the industry pioneer and market leaders responsibility. Zhao Guocheng, how to integrate the diverse needs of users to a single product is critical to the success of mobile power industry in the future, he explained: "On the one hand users lighter the weight and volume of the mobile power needs to be upgraded batteries performance, on the other hand, with the development and application of innovative technologies, the additional features of the mobile power increasingly attention that time, the use of mobile power not just in order to solve the problem of mobile phone charging, but with people of all outdoor living is closely related to life may occur at any time to cover a variety of outdoor electricity demand. "

Pursuant to which product wins will the future of mobile power is divided into three forms, standard targeted at the mass market, charging, LED lighting simple functions, such as easy to charge and power Pa, backup power, etc.; function mobile power function based, while incorporating some of the useful features designed to further expand the use of mobile power, through the integration of design, intercom charge treasure, shaving charge treasure, it is not just a mobile power, more convergence of the consumer electronics industry; professional collection of a variety of functions, it is not just a charging treasure, but also have some of the phone's features and other products, and even the external ear Wenyi, blood pressure and so on. Accordance with the planning of product wins, the future of mobile power can carry health equipment, personal care equipment, and even can be a family intelligent terminal. The innovative products will soon be released in stages in 2013, the the product wins Following create a mobile power markets, will once again be a full range of new subvert the entire industry, creating a new hot spot of the consumer electronics market.

Power bank, also called "mobile battery", "external battery", "spare battery", "digital charging companion", and "charging stick". It also has a very personal name: "mobile phone lover". "Power bank" concept has been developed along with the rapid growth and popularization of digital products, and its definition is: portable power supply which is easy to carry with large capacity.

In the light of the growing diversity of digital products features, more frequent usage, as well as closer and closer work association with our daily life, the problems how to increase the use time of digital products and electronic products, how to facilitate human living, how to add power supply, and how to play its full role have no time to delay. Power bank, is the best solution designed to address these problems. Carrying a mobile power can achieve outside charging for a variety of digital products anytime, anywhere.

Power banks quality depend largely on the quality of both batteries and protection board. High quality battery cells are the basis of mobile power life. The normal lithium polymer batteries have a longer life expectancy than 18,650 cylindrical lithium ion batteries, and their security risk is relatively low. The former one normally can be used for two or three years. Good Protection board has a conversion rate of up to 90%, while a general one has 80 ~ 85% and a bad one has only 70%. It the conversion rate is less than 80%, it means that the power bank suffers large line loss, and the battery cell itself suffers large calorific value.

Power bank is called mobile power pack for short, also called "mobile battery", "external battery", "spare battery", and "travel charger". There are power bank 2200mAH, 4800mAH, 8000 mAH and external battery 10000mah, etc.

Power bank first appeared in 2001 on the CES exhibition. At that time there was just a small booth at the CES Sand Museum. An oversea student pieced several AA batteries together with a control circuit. This small thing, because it can charge the digital products in no place, attracted the attention of many exhibitors. After found by the spies, many businessmen followed suit. It seemed like they would big play this new products. Mobile power concept was developed as the 2012 rapid growth and development of digital products. From 2012, digital products features have become more and more various and have been used more frequently. So how to improve digital products use of time, and how to play their full role are important. Having a power bank, people can charge various types digital products whenever and wherever possible.

www.external-battery.net is a professional and famous power bank manufacturer and exporter in China. With our own professional R&D center, factory and marketing team, we devoted ourselves to offering customer with innovative 3C products.

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The rise of mobile powerPersonal handheld terminal devices (cellular phones), is moving in the multi-core, the direction of the big screen, the phone can dry more and more things, including but not limited to and receive calls, send text messages, listen to songs, books, entertainment, features dazzling enough, but the problem has cropped up: the current portable external battery charger of mainstream smart phone has become a full electric tiger. So, in the minds of older people, long standby time of the phone is a good phone.

Mobile power market situationMobile power is a new industry, the level of production of the industry as a whole varies greatly and product characteristics are also various, so in the mobile power market, the biggest problem is quite a mixed bag. There are different types of mobile power internal batteries, and the capacity is not the same, the power conversion efficiency is not the same, the number of cycles is different, which is the same nominal 6000 mah external battery, and some can be filled 4 iPhone, while others can only be filled with less than 2 times; while some products can be used for more than two years, some six months after it cannot be used. Selection of mobile power, we have to keep their eyes open.

Serious problem of mobile power mechanical coreThe work varies greatly, and in addition, the other problem troubles mobile power products is to dismantle the mechanical and electrical core, which is the important component parts of the batteries, and it is responsible for the storage and release of energy, it directly determines the effectiveness and the number of cycles of charge and discharge of the mobile power, it is very important. What is the demolition of the electrical and mechanical core? On one hand, the split electromechanical core cannot be guaranteed the normal quality, resulting in the use of mobile power ineffective; On the other hand, the dissolution of the quality of mechanical and electrical core worrying, they might charge deformation will definitely happen; Finally, Considering that this is the re-use of secondary resources, health problem seems to be very worrying.

www.external-battery.net lunched the external battery and Iphone power bank with fashionable designs, reliable quality and competitive price. At present, our product line has been expanded from the battery charger to mobile phone cases and accessories which are suitable for iPhone, iPods, iPad, smart phones, digital tablets and other portable devices. Our own brand "Sunwith" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world.

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The Actual Conversion Rate Is the Key

Due to various manufacturers' differences in the production technology of power bank, even if power banks are of the same battery cells and the same capacity, they also have apparent differences during the actual charging process. So in the process of purchasing power banks, consumers do not blindly pursuit large capacity, but pay attention the more important part, the actual conversion rate.

Actual conversion rate of power banks can be calculated to obtain through the formula "(the actual discharge capacity x average discharge voltage) / (battery cell capacity x 3700mV) = conversion efficiency". A high quality power bank enjoys conversion rate in between 85% to 90%, which means a qualified power bank 5000mAH actually charges between 3,500mAH to 4,000mAH during charging the mobile phones, at least giving the mobile phone one full charging.

Currently most of the smart phones can standby for in a day or so. If it is equipped with a 5000mAH power bank, it will be ensured for two days of normal use, which can meet most people's everyday use needs. So when buying power banks, consumers have no need to buy power bank more than 10,000mAH. Just choose a qualified power bank according to their needs.

Lithium Polymer Battery Cells Are Reliable

Mobile power banks for sale currently on the market are mostly adopting lithium polymer battery cells and 18,650 battery cells. 18,650 battery cells are usually packed in cylindrical steel shell, and lithium ions inside is liquid. Because it is the industry standard specifications, 18,650 can only be cylindrical. If customers find power banks in big style during purchasing mobile power banks, they can be basically determined as 18,650 battery cells. Currently in order to reduce the cost in pursuit of low prices, many power banks on the market adopt inferior 18,650 batteries, which is impossible to defend. Compared with Lithium polymer batteries, 18,650 battery cells suffer much lower safety factor. If the quality cannot reach the standard, there may even be explosion.

Lithium polymer batteries, with aluminum-plastic film packaging as mainly used outer package, paste lithium materials inside, can be customized the shape, such as 0.25mm ultra-thin batteries. Thus, power banks with polymer batteries can also be designed to be more flexible in appearance. Compared with 18650 batteries, lithium polymer batteries will not explode, only a very small probability that there will be a fire hazard, with much better security than 18650 batteries. When users buy power, the most direct way to determine battery cells is by moving the power bank profile. If they appear flat or long fashion styling, they generally use polymer batteries.

Because of the cost, most of power banks with capacity in excess of 10,000mAH adopt 18,650 battery cells, which not only could pose a security risk, but also the 18,650 cell conversion rate is not as good as that of lithium polymer batteries. So consumers do not blindly pursuit large-capacity power bank.<br/>

www.external-battery.net is a professional and famous 6000 mAH external battery manufacturer and exporter in China. With our own professional R&D center, factory and marketing team, we devoted ourselves to offering customer with innovative 3C products.

1. The equipment original battery is only suitable for the use of original equipment, mobile power simply convert the connector will be able to charge a variety of digital devices or power supply and charging, but is not limited to the brand and model.

2. power bank 5000mah can be widely used in USB On-the-Go (USB-OTG) portable device (USB lights, fans, massage and medical equipment, etc.), involving a wide range.

3. Some digital products (such as tape recorders, video machines, cd, old-fashioned DC) can be used with the disposable batteries (5 or 7) or the small rechargeable battery (5 or 7) and portable mobile power can completely replace these batteries products, to achieve the same convenient mobile use.

4. Some models of mobile power can be coupled with an appropriate connector to become a "universal charger", and it can charge for a variety of digital devices.


1. Mobile power capacity is usually several times more than the original battery, and it can even reach more than 8 times or 8 times depending on the size, which can achieve many charge times or power supply for a long time.

2. Some digital devices (PSP, digital camera, etc.) must be stopped to replace the original battery in use, while mobile power can power the device without affecting the device, which is the embodiment of the user-friendly design.

3. Some portable external battery charger design is precision, which is even easier to carry, easier to use than the original battery.


1. is usually added with the equipped original battery is expensive, rather than the original battery quality cannot be guaranteed, and good quality mobile power capacity is several times of the original battery, but the price may be little difference with the original battery, and some or even lower.

2. The wide applicability of mobile power, so as not to be equipped with a variety of battery because they have a variety of digital devices. Increase with the original battery may be wasted due to the digital update or negligence lost mobile phones and other digital devices.

3. high-capacity mobile power has a wide range of application, which is suitable for family or group of people, even meet the need of friend who is in need of emergency help.

4. Mobile power can charge small batteries (disposable or rechargeable) to power digital devices, to achieve the same mobile use, makes the use of cost reduction, but also environmentally friendly.

5. mobile power has long service life, which is usually designed for 70-80% of the electricity capacity remains in charge and discharge more than 500 times, according to the average 2 times a week full charge and discharge, you can use more than 5 years.

At present, www.external-battery.net our product line has been expanded from the battery charger to mobile phone cases and accessories which are suitable for iPhone, iPods, iPad, smart phones, digital tablets and other portable devices. Our own brand "Sunwith" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world.

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It is funny when you get a product that before receiving it, you never knew how much you needed it. That is the case with the Magic Cube I received from Powerocks. To be honest, I did not even know what a portable external battery charger was until I received my little pink rectangular cube of awesomeness. The timing on the arrival of the Magic Cube could not have been better. My husband spilled soda on the car charger for our phones and he depends on that thing to keep his phone going. The day after he did this, the Magic Cube came and I had been playing with it when he came home from work. He took it with him ti work the next day and he was so excited about it! I am so not surprised that the products from Powerocks has won awards like the Family Choice Award, Best In Children’s and Parenting Products for Highest Capacity.

Some consumers feel uncertain, too many products on the market, it is hard for choice, What is the Iphone External Battery can buy suitable? So, today UNOs have to answer consumer confused questions--how to learn to buy a mobile power bank.

1.The top one is. The Capacity. How big capacity what you want? You should understand what is use to. Somebody should surely be possible for Traveling or on business.

2.Top two, the Output, consider your mobile phone output, select the output power of Powerbank can be run mobile phone.

3.Top three, The Core, the core in mobile power bank, you should know that core is so important, now has lithium ion battery, and lithium polymer batteries battery, UNOs mainly manufacture the lithium polymer battery(portable power bank)

4.Top four, The Price,consider the price. The fake product is so many on social media market or online store In China,so the price can not trust when it is too low or too high. Fortunately, UNOS sold only in a qualified company.

5.Top five, We have a stable sales channels in overseas, the future, the development of a variety of UNOs official online sales channels, provide a more convenient way for consumers to buy.

Guangzhou Sunwith Co., LTD, established in 2005, is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited. We are a professional and famous power bank manufacturer and exporter in China. With our own professional R&D center, factory and marketing team, we devoted ourselves to offering customer with innovative 3C products.

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