This is also a lot of consumers or users to buy mobile power charging treasure more concerned about a problem, mobile power network i also often receives consulting QQ users, mobile power quality how? Mobile power network special launch this small article to help consumers understanding these common knowledge points.
Mobile power product quality is mainly affected by two main factors:
1, batteries. Batteries are the main core of mobile power, batteries generally use 18650 and polymer batteries. Their raw materials are the same, 18650 is a liquid lithium-ion polymer battery is a paste.

18650 more well-known manufacturers are Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, in addition to domestic 18650.18650 18650 divided into imports, domestic 18650, and often heard to disassemble, used 18650.

Polymer is more famous ATL, BAK, B & K, the work of God, Hercules, BYD these. In which the electric wire core factory and more. Interested users can be related to the search.

2, PCBA protection board, lithium batteries are 3.7V voltage, and mobile power supply output voltage is 3.7V, here's a step in the process, then there is a protection board PCBA called MCU's components, it is responsible for the boost Likewise when we connect the AC switching power supply, 220V voltage to drop into a 5V input. This PCBA protection board are at work,

This is a relatively large one PCBA protection board, some not so big, according to the mobile power shell size and have different looks.
So if these two components did not do it, it will affect the quality of mobile power.
Currently smartphones become Tu fire potential, more and more users are buying ditch smart phones, smart phones two most prominent feature is the large screen, games and more, then the battery has become a bottleneck, we can say now No matter what kind of smart phones, the most depressing thing is the battery enough. Therefore, the emergence of mobile power just to solve this problem.
Choose from a mobile power users with the machine, it can be started from two aspects to determine their purchase intentions.

1, from the capacity, the capacity and volume proportional to the greater capacity, of course, greater capacity, and that you can be considered good, but a little bit to get the body weight oh.
2, from a suitable point of view, easy to carry and beautiful appearance is one of the most important factor.

So you can choose 4000-8000mAh mobile power, suggested the use of polymer batteries. Also try to pick the brand.
The actual output capacity mobile power it is a very important parameter, many consumers of the nominal capacity as a mobile power is the actual output capacity, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, the nominal capacity mobile power capacity of batteries, the actual output capacity is certainly less than the nominal capacity, the following mobile power Xiaobian to explain in detail the actual output capacity mobile power.

The actual output capacity mobile power are: mobile power constant current nominal output of the product to the mobile phone and other digital products charger can output power. Is the popular mobile power actually give the phone is charging digital products charge to power. Because mobile power cell voltage of 3.7V, and to have to go through when charging mobile phones and other PCBA boost to 5V, it is often said that the conversion rates, in addition to the loss of the cable, so the actual output capacity mobile power must less than the capacity of mobile power batteries.

Because mobile power for mobile phones and other digital products charging power and widely used, welcomed by the big people, and today we work together to understand the key indicators of mobile power so that we can measure how to choose the time of purchase.

First, the capacity: the ability of the product to provide the most direct indication electricity. Theoretically, of course, the bigger the better, the truth otherwise, depending on the mobile power you buy something used to charge the phone if you just generally about 5000 mA rechargeable then almost, buy a big mess fee, if it is to the notebook computer, then at least have the option of more than 8000 mA was enough, or does not make sense. Therefore, depending on the individual's specific circumstances, generally the larger the price is certainly more expensive.

Second, security: as portable mobile power tool, safety is the first one, so you have to let go of choice with over charge overcurrent and short circuit protection of mobile power.

Third, life: Depending on the mobile batteries and power usage varies PCBA circuit design, high-quality batteries and good circuit design is based on the life of mobile power. Normal lithium polymer batteries longevity than 18650 cylindrical lithium batteries.

Fourth, the input and output voltage and current: Input current theory, the greater the power supply itself more easily move fully charged, typically 500mA-1000mA; Output current selection must be based on their own needs to charge the digital product itself needs to select the corresponding output voltage and current interface. Charging too little dissatisfaction or recharged into electricity, will damage the digital products.

V. Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is the mobile power one of the most important indicators is good or bad, this parameter can be directly reflects the actual mobile power output of electricity. However, this indicator only manufacturing plant himself knows (or buy used after charging ability to know probably know) from the appearance of the product itself is not apparent, but after my friends can follow the movement of mobile power network power evaluation channels, there are a large number of mobile power real evaluation.

VI Summary: In summary the important parameters of power bank determines endurance, charging time, security, performance, quality and performance. Some are marked on the product exterior if capacity, input and output voltage and current, more is not labeled conversion rate. If my friends want to know before you buy the mobile power of the performance indicators, can focus on the mobile power mobile power network evaluation channels, there are a large number of mobile power real evaluation. For the user to buy Troubleshooting Guide.

Along with the rapid development of the global economy, people's living standard has been improving, and portable electronic products have become more and more, such as laptops, Tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS, thermal equipment, healthcare equipment and so on. All those electronic products need batteries, but their original batteries do not meet the use for long time because of the low batteries capacity. When these devices are using during a business trip or travelling, which are peaks of work time, they often go out of power, particularly when people are calling by mobile phones, taking photos by digital cameras, playing games by PSPs, working with PDAs, all of which make you hopeless and helpless. And you can't get every device equipped with a battery backup, which is not only costly but also inconvenient. Based on this, in order to solve this disturbing problem, external batteries came into being.
External battery can the power supply problem of many mobile devices, so as to solve the power shortage, making work and travel carefree. Some power banks on the market are of high capacity, and some of low. There are 6000 mAH external battery to 14000 mAh external battery, with smart battery indicator, generally lithium-ion polymer batteries, widely used in 5V devices.
The security problem of mobile power also has been taken seriously all the time. However, in the chaotic situation of the market, the unsafe factors of mobile power are also increasing. External battery must have protection measures such as short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, constant current, constant voltage, as well as high performance power management technology.

SW560 External Battery


Mobility, Versatility, Convenience

Mobility refers to external battery products perform their functions under mobile state (such as travelling, meeting, whenever the charger is not around or whenever is inconvenient to charge). That is, they can supply power anywhere at anytime to digital products without limits, really giving a sense of sureness to people, making life and work quality improved.
Versatility of mobile power is that the product can fit the widest range of digital products. Mobile power can serve for laptops, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDAs, game consoles (PSP), Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, CD players, repeaters, digital camera, portable DVDs, and other digital products. But for digital products that use higher voltage, such as laptops or something like that, you need to configure external batteries of high output voltage. This is proportional to the actual capacity of the power bank itself. In fact, not only that, mobile power supply can be used on any USBOn-the-Go (USB-OTG) portable devices (USB light, USB eye Massager USB coffee maker, and so on)by USB cables, as the most convenient mobile power supply.

Portability refers to the external battery is of small size, large capacity, and easy to carry. is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited. We are a professional and famous laptop, PSP, PDA, iPhone external battery manufacturer and exporter in China.

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Mobile power whenever concerned friends, some with 18650 batteries no stranger to the word, and often heard 18650 mobile power hidden many security risks. Mobile power network Xiaobian today with everyone Analysis: 18650 safe?

First of all, the answer is yes, it is safe to 18650 batteries
But using 18650 mobile power is not necessarily safe. The main reasons are:
1, because the mobile power products as a whole, while 18650 batteries  s just a part of him, is another important part of the PCBA, if you use poor quality PCBA mobile power conversion control panel, did not even let the charge overcurrent and over short circuit protection circuit, then there is definitely a safety hazard.
2, cottage mobile power: currently on the market a lot of low-quality small workshop production of low-quality mobile power, the pursuit of profit, the use of secondary batteries or demolition electromechanical core, product quality control and testing and other aspects of aging may be blank, so mobile power is certainly a security risk.
Summary: regular mobile power mobile power manufacturers of raw materials procurement mechanisms and strict product testing standards, so it should be safe. Advises consumers to purchase the regular manufacturers of mobile power products, refrain for the sake of small cheap and buy cheap copycat products.

Mobile power with an electric charge to the phone, how long? This is based on the mobile power supply output current intensity decision.

Now mobile power output is 5V, then the current strength will determine the time to charge the phone, mobile power network in the actual process of evaluation of the product, but also found a phenomenon, but also come up with to share with consumers.

Output voltage 4.8V, or not less than 4.5V, then the charging 1A and 1.5A for charging, it is clear, 1.5A charge rate to be faster, but the time has not, just have this phenomenon.
In addition to the mobile phone there is a reason for restricting power charging, if you move the control power supply PCBA strictly the case, then the current intensity is useless. In other words, a good mobile power 5V/1A output is marked, with the exception of the loss, there are about 980-995mAl output because PCBA do control. Also according to your cell phone to decide, for example, your phone is 2V/800mA input, so no matter how much current mobile power released, only to accept such a large current input.
The above relates to the number of technical phenomena. The following approximate calculation time to do an estimate.

For a 1500mAh cell phone, 1A output can be filled in about 1-2 hours.
With the mobile power of the crowd, a lot of businesses or businesses saw the influx of the industry profitable after a swarm of bees. As a result of the consequences is that products to fish of varying quality, to confuse buyers user audio-visual, allowing users is difficult to distinguish or purchase to secure quality mobile power products. Editor strongly condemned such acts of bad business at the same time to share with you some distinguish whether the high-quality phone mobile power knowledge: 

Batteries are high quality batteries 

We all know that the batteries are the core part of the whole product, is the only electricity storage components. The batteries The quality plays a decisive role in the entire product. At present, many products are based on mark-ups, low-cost means of selling to boost sales. Among them a large part of the batteries is recycled old batteries, the lowest cost of the poor.Profits, but is the direct result of the entire product of inferior quality. 

Difference: because the batteries within the entire product, so many users simply can not identify. Plus not a professional way to tell! There is a way for your reference, that is, the power to test the conversion rate, the general new quality, three packs of batteries can reach 80% conversion rate. 
IPhone (Apple) 4S, for example: this mobile phone battery capacity of 1420mAh Mobile Power for iPhone 4S phones filled with a battery if it is a new phone batteries, consuming 1420/0.8 = 1775mAh mobile powerpower. In other words, a capacitor 11000mAh new batteries mobile power full charge to iPhone 4S phone six less than six times, then you have purchased products must be recycled batteries produced! 
Note: this is ordinary users to identify batteries for new batteries only technical difficulty! 

Three in the grasp to see see the elements 

Share above is invisible, and resolved to continue to share see, see: 
1 Audit seller distribution of qualifications between the purchase. Generally known brand manufacturers will require agents or distributors, to have what kind of qualifications and many years of selling the same type of products, in order to sell! Can be kicked out of the opportunistic bad seller! 
Between 2 and later product quality security audit certificate. Only regular manufacturers qualified to carry out security certification. Inferior products there is no security certificate. 
3, after-sales network exists, is to facilitate the timely. Any one brand product sales outlets are written summary and description. If there is no entity aftermarket shop sales, provided that the sale and whether reliable and timely!
As smart phones and tablets are widely used currently, a larger battery is needed. Therefore, a lot of manufacturers provide high capacity batteries. But the fact is, a large capacity battery cannot meet the needs of users when they are going outside or traveling.

There are a number of users who need a portable power bank of a smart phone or tablet. But maybe a lot of people ask about the advantages and disadvantages of external battery. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of external battery.

Power Bank Manufacturer

Advantages of External Battery

1. Very helpful when you are in a journey without electricity.

2. External batteries generally have high power and high capacity is very large, which makes the charging process much faster.

3. External batteries with micro USB or mini USB ports can supply energy several different gadgets brands.

Disadvantages of External Battery

1. In some cases, external batteries can actually shorten the battery life.

2. The price is very expensive, especially large capacity external batteries and top brands external batteries of good quality, such as artificial Sanyo, Alkaline and Panasonic.

3. High capacity external batteries are usually heavy, and some species have to be operated with the support of the USB cable.

4. External battery requires processes such as battery charge, the usual duration can be 5 to 6 hours or even a day to full capacity.

5. SIM card may be damaged for too long use of the external battery.

The growth of smart devices and users in the world continues to increase, such as Blackberry, Android and iOS. Unfortunately, these smart devices are greedy in energy consuming battery.

Well, for you who do not want to run out of power, then you would not want to buy this product are advised to keep your connectivity. Currently, external batteries are on the market in the range of tens of mA to 1000 mA. Of the range before, many external batteries have power 5000 mA-6000 mA so they seem the most to offer. Quality of external battery can be seen from how much power is lost during use. The best portable charger of high quality has less percentage of power lost.

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Have friends when using mobile power supply, Mobile power supply for charging the mobile phone inside the bag, the one using habit is terrible, I think it is clear to all, bag sealing is very good, now bad heat resistance, and this will lead to mobile power and cell phone fever, such easy to lower the service life of mobile power and cell phone, but also may lead to mobile power supply and damage, even lead to fire, hope you don't have such a habit, suggest that we put in ventilated place to recharge. So what are the dangers of mobile power supply heating? Today to say to you about the dangers of mobile power supply heating.

1, can cause a fire

A lot of people like in a warm bed, charge their phone while playing with mobile phones, has studied physics knows, when the heat reaches a critical point, is can lead to fire. Once we fall asleep, will fire.
Blogger warm prompt: when mobile charging power supply or charge their phone, must be far away from the warm bed, this is really dangerous, be sure to keep in mind. Even when used to recharge the phone also can't put the cell phone in his warm bed, the charge will be fever, really will cause a fire.

2, can damage internal protection device

Known work of mobile power supply is used for charging, if because of fever to start protection device inside the product, is charging can lead to work can't do.

3, damage your phone

Internal protection device damage, can lead to mobile power charging power supply on and off! Such charging ways and habits, the damage to the cell phone battery is considerable, especially some of the cell phone battery is sealed. If the battery is broken, so mobile phone can't use.

That is to introduce you to the dangers of mobile power supply heating, hope everybody to attention, at the time of charging at ordinary times, it is important to note that the mobile power supply heating problems, so in the use of mobile power supply need to pay attention to what problem? The answer to the question on the website at the bottom of the page with detailed explanation.
Have you buy mobile power supply, must choose normal manufacturer, don't choose miscellaneous brands.

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