1. The equipment original battery is only suitable for the use of original equipment, mobile power simply convert the connector will be able to charge a variety of digital devices or power supply and charging, but is not limited to the brand and model.

2. power bank 5000mah can be widely used in USB On-the-Go (USB-OTG) portable device (USB lights, fans, massage and medical equipment, etc.), involving a wide range.

3. Some digital products (such as tape recorders, video machines, cd, old-fashioned DC) can be used with the disposable batteries (5 or 7) or the small rechargeable battery (5 or 7) and portable mobile power can completely replace these batteries products, to achieve the same convenient mobile use.

4. Some models of mobile power can be coupled with an appropriate connector to become a "universal charger", and it can charge for a variety of digital devices.


1. Mobile power capacity is usually several times more than the original battery, and it can even reach more than 8 times or 8 times depending on the size, which can achieve many charge times or power supply for a long time.

2. Some digital devices (PSP, digital camera, etc.) must be stopped to replace the original battery in use, while mobile power can power the device without affecting the device, which is the embodiment of the user-friendly design.

3. Some portable external battery charger design is precision, which is even easier to carry, easier to use than the original battery.


1. is usually added with the equipped original battery is expensive, rather than the original battery quality cannot be guaranteed, and good quality mobile power capacity is several times of the original battery, but the price may be little difference with the original battery, and some or even lower.

2. The wide applicability of mobile power, so as not to be equipped with a variety of battery because they have a variety of digital devices. Increase with the original battery may be wasted due to the digital update or negligence lost mobile phones and other digital devices.

3. high-capacity mobile power has a wide range of application, which is suitable for family or group of people, even meet the need of friend who is in need of emergency help.

4. Mobile power can charge small batteries (disposable or rechargeable) to power digital devices, to achieve the same mobile use, makes the use of cost reduction, but also environmentally friendly.

5. mobile power has long service life, which is usually designed for 70-80% of the electricity capacity remains in charge and discharge more than 500 times, according to the average 2 times a week full charge and discharge, you can use more than 5 years.

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