With the mobile power of the crowd, a lot of businesses or businesses saw the influx of the industry profitable after a swarm of bees. As a result of the consequences is that products to fish of varying quality, to confuse buyers user audio-visual, allowing users is difficult to distinguish or purchase to secure quality mobile power products. Editor strongly condemned such acts of bad business at the same time to share with you some distinguish whether the high-quality phone mobile power knowledge: 

Batteries are high quality batteries 

We all know that the batteries are the core part of the whole product, is the only electricity storage components. The batteries The quality plays a decisive role in the entire product. At present, many products are based on mark-ups, low-cost means of selling to boost sales. Among them a large part of the batteries is recycled old batteries, the lowest cost of the poor.Profits, but is the direct result of the entire product of inferior quality. 

Difference: because the batteries within the entire product, so many users simply can not identify. Plus not a professional way to tell! There is a way for your reference, that is, the power to test the conversion rate, the general new quality, three packs of batteries can reach 80% conversion rate. 
IPhone (Apple) 4S, for example: this mobile phone battery capacity of 1420mAh Mobile Power for iPhone 4S phones filled with a battery if it is a new phone batteries, consuming 1420/0.8 = 1775mAh mobile powerpower. In other words, a capacitor 11000mAh new batteries mobile power full charge to iPhone 4S phone six less than six times, then you have purchased products must be recycled batteries produced! 
Note: this is ordinary users to identify batteries for new batteries only technical difficulty! 

Three in the grasp to see see the elements 

Share above is invisible, and resolved to continue to share see, see: 
1 Audit seller distribution of qualifications between the purchase. Generally known brand manufacturers will require agents or distributors, to have what kind of qualifications and many years of selling the same type of products, in order to sell! Can be kicked out of the opportunistic bad seller! 
Between 2 and later product quality security audit certificate. Only regular manufacturers qualified to carry out security certification. Inferior products there is no security certificate. 
3, after-sales network exists, is to facilitate the timely. Any one brand product sales outlets are written summary and description. If there is no entity aftermarket shop sales, provided that the sale and whether reliable and timely!

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