What is an External Battery?

The so-called mobile charger bank (also known as mobile charger baby), literally, it means the charger baby which is portable. It can be through the electronic products DC power input interface to directly supply or charge for the electric products, generally the power bank is a power bank uses the lithium batteries or dry batteries as storage unit. Charge baby itself is a lithium polymer storage electrical device. It finishes the voltage regulation by IC chip, and then connects the power cord to discharge the power, so it can be said that the "power bank" is just a portable charger, such as the Iphone External Battery. With the popularity of digital products and rapid growth and development, and according to its definition, it is a large-capacity portable power supply which is convenient and easy to carry. At present, with the diversified digital products functions are increasingly, and more frequent uses, how to improve digital products use time and to play its most important functions, this is of vital importance.

External Battery 3600mah

Classification of Portable Battery Charger

According to different battery cells, the mobile charger bank can be divided into two categories: First, the lithium core power charger: this type of mobile charge baby has become the leading product in the market; the second is dry cell type mobile USB power bank: it is characterized by: convenience, without installing the dry battery power supply can be achieved; since there is the versatility of the products with high-performance built-in chips, so it can service for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, game consoles (PSP), Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, CD players, video machines, digital video cameras, portable DVD, notebook computers and other digital products, for example, the power bank 5000mah now is the most common used power bank by people. The dry battery charging class mobile power bank can be said to be the initial development stage mobile power products, because of its low cost and so now it still has a certain market share, it is mainly formed by installing the battery pack powered device, and then through the charging line to charge digital devices, generally it can only charge for some mobile phones and other products. And they widely appear in the places where there are customers frequented customers, such as in the train, the ships and the tourist attractions.

Development Trends of Portable Charger

The development trends of mobile power products are: First, the pursuit of appearance miniaturization, the second it the pursuit of function diversification. As for appearance miniaturization, the necessarily to reduce battery volume (capacity) is a must; and as for the functional diversity, especially when using the color LCD display, it will accelerate the consumption of the battery energy, and then it will greatly shorten the working time of the device. Within a very long time in the future, to substantial increase the battery capacity is almost impossible. The statistics show that the battery capacity is increased by 20% every 10 years. Therefore, how to achieve anywhere charging for mobile digital products, power supply, and to extend the use of mobile digital products is the biggest problem the users of mobile digital products faced in the future.

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