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Apple iPhone 4 craze continues to heat up, more and more peripheral manufacturers have launched a "make up" iPhone 4 accessories. External battery is a iPhone accessories Bang. IPhone external battery products on the market, types of no fewer than 20 species, and fully functional, brand variety. Previously, we bring you the evaluation the Jay U.S. special iPhone 4 battery jacket, now have a new iPhone 4 battery jacket products appeared on the market, it is the by ETNA company produced the iPhone 4 dedicated external battery protection shell.

ETNA EN458 battery jacket is tailored specifically for the iPhone 4 auxiliary accessories. It is both a protective case and external battery function as one, and the built-in 1600mAh lithium polymer battery with the iPhone 4 body 1470mA battery, users can bring strong endurance exceed 3000mA. Printed on the back of the product box configuration specifications of the battery cover, the official claimed that he could bring the iPhone 4 video playback time of music playback time of 38 small films and 8.5 disappear.

  • Features

ETNA battery sets design is becoming more humanized, the workmanship is superb; side seam not only found no glitches, and button and 3.5mm headphone jack vacancies reserved for the iPhone 4. The user will not be affected; This provides a full range of protection for the iPhone 4. But it is worth mentioning that the thick shell, so the operating side buttons (especially the frequent use of the ON / OFF button to lock the screen) is slightly inconvenient.

  • Advantage

Today, the iPhone 4 battery case product after another, the products of each brand has its own unique advantages. ETNA battery sets advantage of Apple's official authorization, certification, quality assurance. Another shell with piano paint technology, despite an increase in production costs, but it does enhance the visual effects, which are rare in the iPhone 4 battery sets of products and.

  • Description

1. Fashion design: cute lipstick & seashell design

2. Super mini: Mini Portable Power Bank,

3. Super power: external battery 10000mah-20,000mah

4. Multiple color: Purple, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black etc. , satisfy all your customer’s needs.

5. Factory direct wholesale price: More than 200 quantities/order, get wholesale price, bulk order, get big discount.

6. Brand guaranteed: Sun with power bank, famous power bank manufacturer in China.

7. Instant online service: Email/MSN, we reply your inquiry at once!

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