Nowadays people use mobile phone more and more frequent. All mobile phones have a number of features in common, but manufacturers also try to differentiate their own products by implementing additional functions to make them more attractive to consumers. This has led to great innovation in mobile phone development over the past 20 years. Many people like to buy Iphone external battery so that they can charge their iphone everywhere. But if you know the way of the battery maintenance, you would save your time. Here I will introduce some tips about mobile maintenance.

1, Rubbish: use the phone for a long time, the phone will be more and more junk files, both accounting for resources, and hauling speed.

2. Personal Data: The most important data on the phone, in fact, contacts, and other personal information stored information, recommendations often with OVI Suite or PC Suite synchronization backup. By default, our SMS, MMS, e-mail, etc., are in the phone memory for a long time will be accounted for phone memory.

3, the battery maintenance: You may often feel that your phone lacks of power and you bring a  6000 mah external battery everywhere. But it would not go for long. How to maintain your battery?--very simple, not too filling, do not over-discharge, the original power of the original charge, away from the universal charge. Phone alert enough power (or feel enough the next day with), they begin to charge, no need to use off before charging, so easily lead to battery discharge and damage the battery life. The battery is full, they should lose power, even the first three times, no need to over 6 hours; charging too long will lead to the battery charge, will also affect the service life. 

4. Saving tips: do not have access to the hardware and software are closed, not a long time with the computer. Normal peacetime use, stand two days or so, if the use of a number of energy saving measures that can easily be extended to 3-5 days. In addition, the phone connected to the computer, the power consumption seems to be a lot faster, so the entirety or copying things, they promptly put the phone and the computer is disconnected it.

5, Screen cleaning: Even on the membrane touch screen, because 95% of the use of mobile phones have relied on, so it is easy to dirty, clean very often. Remember: Do not use chemical solvents like alcohol, to clean. The higher the purity of alcohol, the greater the damage to the phone screen; lower purity, moisture contained in the higher or major damage. The correct way: with a clean, dry, soft cloth to gently and slowly rub on the line, should be more patience. Clean the cabinet, you can use trace non-fluoride toothpaste (can not use the screen).

There is a lot of free mobile security software, such as 360 security guards, easy letter security guards, security stewards. 

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