Currently smartphones become Tu fire potential, more and more users are buying ditch smart phones, smart phones two most prominent feature is the large screen, games and more, then the battery has become a bottleneck, we can say now No matter what kind of smart phones, the most depressing thing is the battery enough. Therefore, the emergence of mobile power just to solve this problem.
Choose from a mobile power users with the machine, it can be started from two aspects to determine their purchase intentions.

1, from the capacity, the capacity and volume proportional to the greater capacity, of course, greater capacity, and that you can be considered good, but a little bit to get the body weight oh.
2, from a suitable point of view, easy to carry and beautiful appearance is one of the most important factor.

So you can choose 4000-8000mAh mobile power, suggested the use of polymer batteries. Also try to pick the brand.

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