Because mobile power for mobile phones and other digital products charging power and widely used, welcomed by the big people, and today we work together to understand the key indicators of mobile power so that we can measure how to choose the time of purchase.

First, the capacity: the ability of the product to provide the most direct indication electricity. Theoretically, of course, the bigger the better, the truth otherwise, depending on the mobile power you buy something used to charge the phone if you just generally about 5000 mA rechargeable then almost, buy a big mess fee, if it is to the notebook computer, then at least have the option of more than 8000 mA was enough, or does not make sense. Therefore, depending on the individual's specific circumstances, generally the larger the price is certainly more expensive.

Second, security: as portable mobile power tool, safety is the first one, so you have to let go of choice with over charge overcurrent and short circuit protection of mobile power.

Third, life: Depending on the mobile batteries and power usage varies PCBA circuit design, high-quality batteries and good circuit design is based on the life of mobile power. Normal lithium polymer batteries longevity than 18650 cylindrical lithium batteries.

Fourth, the input and output voltage and current: Input current theory, the greater the power supply itself more easily move fully charged, typically 500mA-1000mA; Output current selection must be based on their own needs to charge the digital product itself needs to select the corresponding output voltage and current interface. Charging too little dissatisfaction or recharged into electricity, will damage the digital products.

V. Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is the mobile power one of the most important indicators is good or bad, this parameter can be directly reflects the actual mobile power output of electricity. However, this indicator only manufacturing plant himself knows (or buy used after charging ability to know probably know) from the appearance of the product itself is not apparent, but after my friends can follow the movement of mobile power network power evaluation channels, there are a large number of mobile power real evaluation.

VI Summary: In summary the important parameters of power bank determines endurance, charging time, security, performance, quality and performance. Some are marked on the product exterior if capacity, input and output voltage and current, more is not labeled conversion rate. If my friends want to know before you buy the mobile power of the performance indicators, can focus on the mobile power mobile power network evaluation channels, there are a large number of mobile power real evaluation. For the user to buy Troubleshooting Guide.

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