Mobile Power Market Trends

With modern increasing needs of information and entertainment for electronic products, there are more and more electric products around us, and at the same time, the increasing demand for electricity with the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile Internet terminal products, all these deepen people's power needs. Nowadays, the 3C products "battery short board" becomes the common troubled big problem for people. And the mobile power product is derived in order to solve this problem, the mobile power is imperative to scabbard. And with the Apple phone is popular quickly in the world, iphone 4 external battery is in full swing in the battery market.

The outlook of mobile power is reflected in three markets aspects:

1, mobile power mobile phone market: This is the largest market of mobile power products. We can see this from the platforms of the major electricity suppliers. Get a reference from industry insiders': where there is mobile phone user, there are the market of mobile power and how big the mobile phone user group is and then how big the mobile power market will be. The best portable charger is always the pursuit of electronic consumers. Currently, the phone users in China are close to 500 million, and now all the smart machine "non-removable battery" are developing in the direction of "big screen", "multi-gaming applications", and "non- dismountable battery", so the standard mobile power for user's mobile phone will become a trend. So the market for this is like a huge cake.
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2, Mobile Power Tablet PCs Market: The tablet market for mobile power is indeed a bit embarrassing. Tablets in the past all use the 9V voltage, so the standard voltage of 3.7V lithium batteries for mobile power is a bit stretched. That is, using the now mobile power to charge the tablet PC is a very trouble thing. The conversion efficiency is too low. The good news is that now the new mobile power mostly uses the 5V voltage power to charge the mobile. So the tablet market will be a huge market for mobile power users of the Tablet PCs. It is proved that the tablet PC users occupy 50% of the national population of the United States percent, and is still growing.

3, the mobile power laptop market: generally, the laptop typically uses the 12V voltage, which is an inevitable trend in the portable battery market. Super this greater advantage in portable, battery capacity and life is a bottleneck. And as for the ultra-extreme laptop, its convenience has not much advantage in the market, but it is a future prospect. is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited, which is a leading company specialized in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various external batteries. Our own brand "SUNWITH" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world. Welcome to visit our website!

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