With the 3G mobile Internet and intelligent terminal the growing popularity of, carry Pets mobile-type electronic products is also increasing and more, big-screen smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, etc., functions increasingly diversified, use is also more frequent. The use of mobile power also will be common, almost everyone a smart phone mobile power users. This is how large this market! However, due to market brand mix, product standards vary, even artificially high electricity and other inferior products which are mixed to become the industry's biggest worry. As a lithium-ion battery industry leading enterprises, Sony is quietly look into this mess but huge potential market, and plans to push forward with Panasonic lithium battery manufacturers mobile power standards promulgated.

Industry prospects but the brand mix

According to statistics, China has a digital product total over 1.3 billion units, individuals also have five kinds of digital products, consumers are more than 100 million! This is how great digital products market, also left how great mobile power market space! According to conservative data analysis, only 3% of the purchase in accordance with market demand, that the next year and more mobile power market capacity is about 24 million units, up to 50 billion yuan of sales and marketing capacity. So the respect of currently on the market in terms of mobile power the development prospects of optimistic about the. Data show that the, currently on the market registered Guo's mobile power brand over four hundred, involved in the production of the manufacturers more than 3000. While the mobile market is gradually increasing power of course, but due to low barriers to entry on the market quite a mixed bag of the brand, product quality, but off the ultimate victims are the consumers. Currently on the market, including mobile phone operators, a battery supplier, battery manufacturers and other manufacturers of mobile power brightest conservative estimate there are 34 one thousand. Accompanied by a huge amount of funds the influx of, mobile power products the quality of the worrying, "the industry lack of standards, fragmented nature of the market characteristics, coupled with quick success of the speculative behavior of, this industry already exists very optimistic the quality of the hidden dangers, the capacity virtual standard , jerry-building phenomena have occurred. "industry insiders analysis, said.

Leader needed to build standards abroad

It is understood that the current market dominated by mobile power capacity vacuity, safety, batteries overcharge and over discharge protection, the conversion rate of the batteries several major problems. Sony responsible for the mobile power of the market responsible person FUKAO Shinya expressed: "PC power supply has industry standards, the but the mobile power supply but it is blank, domestic and foreign Du has not yet to have a unified industry standards. Currently in the the domestic market on the, various manufacturers order to seize the customers, to attract eyeball, the capacity imaginary the subject of situation is very serious, a lot of Callout 5000mah's products, the actual capacity is only 3000mah, or even smaller. "

"In fact, the capacity is only on the test mobile power consumers of a mental eligibility criteria including power consumers do not see the security, if there is over-charge and over-discharge protection, power conversion rate problem is the consumer When using the mobile power problem can not be found. "Sony responsible person in charge of mobile power markets FUKAO Shinya said.

It is understood that manufacturers enter the mobile power market threshold is not high, that is, the batteries plus a circuit board. But the actual in the electric core on the but there is much fineness. For manufacturers, the if the electric core using's yes first-tier Dachang, then the price aspects of there would be no advantage. Therefore in the materials used aspects of, as long as is not too bad on the line. At present, some domestic manufacturers much the same way, pre-first with good material to attract consumers, and so enhance the brand image, and on capacity can be shrunk. For example, a 3000mah power, minus a 300-400mah, users simply do not see, a power to save a few batteries, shipped thousands of units a month, profits came out. In particular Some of cottage manufacturers, the choice of some of the unsolicited electric core, this kind jerry-building the practice of caused by the direct consequence of the is security Xing reduce the, for their own products as well as charging equipment and even users were personal safety Du caused by threat. In addition, the available in the market some mobile power supply order to reduce costs, the use of xubiao, electricity core's B product, C Commodities battery carry out assembled shift power supply, so that the capacity is very high, substantive conversion very poor.
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I think this is the first time I am seeing such a battery with portable facility.


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