The saying goes, "turnip greens, poison", on the appearance of the product, everyone has their own different views. This is not subject to discussion of the article followed, working. According to author test of electronic products that have been experienced in these years, largely a product of outside work represents the quality of the product. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. If you are a manufacturer, on the client work in the most intuitive look sloppy, not paying attention to details. It's hard to imagine he will be in you can't see, can't read local efforts. So, a kinds of significance Shang can said "appearance work fine of does not necessarily is quality is good of products, but appearance work rough of certainly not good products" see work from which several aspects see does? see Shell seams of place, whether has Burr? upper and lower cover or all parts combination of place art line whether neat? gap whether uniform? shell whether has shrink? these can in lighting or Sun Xia carefully view, if has these aspects of flaws, backlighting Shi see most obvious. In addition to these, also note the surface color is color shading, are there black spots.

Next, I'll tell you about how to buy mobile power

First, large capacity does not necessarily best, mobile power purchase to be given much of their own needs. Capacity too great a product first of all is more expensive, followed by a long charging time. If the capacity is big and cheap, then congratulations, not waste transformation is a virtual ... Security risks greatly the second, working. A product's appearance has worked on behalf of the quality level of the product. In fact, the most intuitive for consumers come from. Fail, shanzhai products most important feature is the appearance, there are a lot of flaws, shoddy appearance in addition, you must also consider the choice of batteries, for example buy lithium polymer cell batteries, neither the capacity nor the safety performance has a great advantage. And the batteries battery is absolutely will not explode. Today most large manufacturers are also emptied 18,650 batteries batteries, preparing to produce lithium polymer cell batteries. Perfect protection design is equally important, however filling, however, and output short circuit protection best reassuring use. Prefer to pay some money, even when left out for small advantages and risks YODO Yau bean mobile power uses high performance lithium polymer battery as batteries, combined with advanced power management solutions provides a rare high quality products to the market. While compatible Phone, Pad, Pod, Psp, as well as great part of mobile phones available in the market, at any time, any place for charging your device supports. Cell phone hardware is constantly evolving, batteries to make ends meet, many people might have for their mobile phones with a second battery, but for many devices, cannot remove battery, such as MP4, iPhone mobile phone, iPod touch, mobile chargers came into being. Mobile power supplies listed, have sparked a heated market away from war. Various brands emerged with it, however, the result was mixed. YODO mobile power positioning in the high-end of the market, is committed to providing customers with high quality brand, that is responsive to market needs – existence of quality and brand their products have the following characteristics:

One, all-powerful compatible compatibility is very comprehensive and any to any iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, smart phone digital camera as well as a variety of mobile device charging. Series is compatible with almost all smartphones and PAD products, particularly for Apple YODO (Yau beans) compatible products to achieve the perfect color beans! Advanced power management solutions can identify a variety of electronic products, and providing the most suitable power supply plan.

Second, durable battery life using the normal charger, can extend for several hours, using the Yodo (Yau beans) mobile power, can make the iPhone battery life of a dozen hours. Yodo (Yau beans) series mobile power Japan imported polymer lithium, combined with advanced power management upheaval and to respond more effectively to reduce their own consumption, improve conversion rate, the highest conversion rates of up to 85%, greatly enhanced product life times three, top speed fast and ordinary power iPhone full 5 hour, YODO power only for about 2 hours. From Japan boosting IC to provide efficient and safe automatic matching of current programmes. Automatically after power is cut off, in the protection of the battery at the same time, providing the most efficient fast charge output.

So, a kinds of significance Shang can said "appearance work fine of does not necessarily is quality is good of products,


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