This is also a lot of consumers or users to buy mobile power charging treasure more concerned about a problem, mobile power network i also often receives consulting QQ users, mobile power quality how? Mobile power network special launch this small article to help consumers understanding these common knowledge points.
Mobile power product quality is mainly affected by two main factors:
1, batteries. Batteries are the main core of mobile power, batteries generally use 18650 and polymer batteries. Their raw materials are the same, 18650 is a liquid lithium-ion polymer battery is a paste.

18650 more well-known manufacturers are Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, in addition to domestic 18650.18650 18650 divided into imports, domestic 18650, and often heard to disassemble, used 18650.

Polymer is more famous ATL, BAK, B & K, the work of God, Hercules, BYD these. In which the electric wire core factory and more. Interested users can be related to the search.

2, PCBA protection board, lithium batteries are 3.7V voltage, and mobile power supply output voltage is 3.7V, here's a step in the process, then there is a protection board PCBA called MCU's components, it is responsible for the boost Likewise when we connect the AC switching power supply, 220V voltage to drop into a 5V input. This PCBA protection board are at work,

This is a relatively large one PCBA protection board, some not so big, according to the mobile power shell size and have different looks.
So if these two components did not do it, it will affect the quality of mobile power.

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