Power bank to charge their cell phones to pay attention to the problem

If your smart phone battery is often not enough to require frequent use of power bank. So in order to extend the battery life of the phone, the proper use of power bank to charge the phone is very important. In particular, pay attention to the following few;

1, The use of power bank adapter to charge the phone

2, The voltage matching: power bank supply rated output voltage of 5V, should generally be controlled in the range of 5V ± 0.1V, or can not charge to 5V part load.

3, the phone prompts level is too low, it is timely to charge

Can charge their cell phones start charging, you can charge off

5.to power bank charging, the charging time is not too long, the best fully charged, timely from the outlet down, otherwise it will reduce power bank and cell phone battery self-protection.

6.Power bank charge their cell phones, or charge, it is not normal to overheating, there may be no overcharge and over discharge of circuit protection. This power bank mobile phone battery will have a bad effect.

7, the quality of the cable: the individual power bank will the cable quality reasons, resulting in long charging time, even charging failure. , Though not common, but to buy time to look.

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