Mobile Power Product Concept Stage

The year from 2001 to 2003 is the product concept stage of mobile power, mobile power first appeared on the 2001 CES exhibition, a student used a few AA batteries and attached with a control circuit and pieced together. The cycle life of the batteries was not enough at that time, the batteries volume is bulky, the manufacturing process and the technology of the batteries is nor mature, particularly for the smaller batteries technology is more out of the question, resulting from a mobile power is just as a premature baby. Although there is much promotion of many well-known manufacturers such as Divine Digital, Zi Bo, Ke Shida, and Friends Innovation, but the domestic efficient market still not form.

Mobile Power Market Concept Stage

2004-2006 is the market concept stage of mobile power products, Huaqi use large amount of money to launch mobile power which named piggyback pod, for a time the mobile power market seems to have revived the signs. There are several new mobile power companies in the market such as "Patriot", "Anytone", "Super Brand", "Wide Industry", Technology Exhibition " and "IWALK". After a year of development, the mobile power technology had a prototype of the mobile power: management circuitry, chips, and batteries are basically sound and improved. The formation of the basic framework of a mobile power is formed. The market also began to see some improvement, but wholesale power bank market in China still has no scale. Many manufacturers fought in foreign trade to survive.

Mobile Power Market Development Stage

2006 – 2009 is the market development stage of mobile power, Topband, which is a company which specialized in the manufacturing of intelligent controller, began to enter the market of mobile power, and so another connectors company Tianrui did too. And then Tian RUI and Topband formed the two major forces in the power bank industry, and they are all OEM manufacturers. With some of the brand companies entering the mobile power market, the mobile power markets temperature is rising, and with the rising of awareness, mobile power bank finally enter the consumer's living area by the way of a complete stand-alone product.

Mobile Power Market Growth Stage

In 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, with its stylish design, and powerful software features, it quickly subverts the smart phone market, and especially the major power bank 20000mah has become the favorite of many Apple enthusiasts. Since the battery of iPhone cannot be replaced, and it can only be used up to four hours of continuous use, so iPhone players became the largest customer of mobile power. Hariton occupies a leading position in this market quickly. Tianrui OEM Energizer and Philips began to spread to the world market. PISEN also rapidly developed at this stage. The power bank brand of this stage is less than 50. From 2009 to 2012, the market growth stage, the best sale power bank brands of domestic sales are: PIN NENG, Yu Bo, Scud, Tsinghua Tongfang, and SSK and so on. In August 2012, according to the statistics, mobile power brands are over 500. The newly minted SUNWITH brand portable power bank also occupies half of the market quickly. is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited, which is a leading company specialized in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various external batteries. Our own brand "SUNWITH" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world. Welcome to visit our website!

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