With the rapid development of the global economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, carry electronic products, such as notebook computers, tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS, thermal equipment, health care equipment, and so on.

They are to be used in the battery, but these devices wife battery because the battery capacity is low and can not meet the long-term use of the equipment. Business or travel time and these devices during peak work periods, often at a critical time battery power, especially in the mobile phone is on the phone, a digital camera taking photos, PSP game consoles to play in full swing, PDA working when, and so on, so you feel very helpless and powerless. And you can not each device is equipped with a battery backup, and cost is not easy. Based on this, in order to solve the people's troubles, mobile power came into being.

With mobile power can solve the power supply problem for many mobile devices, thus completely solve the power shortage in the pain, work and travel carefree. Some products on the market of high capacity, unit capacity of up to 14000mAh 20000mAh, intelligent battery indicator, commonly used polymer lithium-ion batteries, widely used in 5V devices.
The security of mobile power is has been subject to attention, the insecurity chaotic situation in the market of mobile power, however, is more and more. Mobile power must have: short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, constant current, constant voltage and other protective measures, there should be a high-performance power management technology.
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