The latest reports said that a purchase a phone mobile power users, but soon charge phone serious fever can also be heard at the interface to the surge of a burning smell, the electric charge for some time after the phone directly to a black screen.

This thing is so Xiaobian think, everyone must buy mobile power carefully, especially for mobile power Which brand choice on this issue, be cautious. With the popularity of smart phones, mobile power frequency is also increasing, but the mobile power market is still good and the bad, the three non-product is particularly serious.

Some poor mobile power production, shoddy reprocessing, recycling old mobile power batteries, these batteries as a core component of the mobile power often is not compliance, and therefore simply can not guarantee quality, lead when the phone is charging, the voltage instability, which resulted in the beginning of the serious consequences mentioned in the news reports: phone black screen!

In short order your own beloved phone must be careful in the choice of mobile voltage.

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