Whether phone or other electrical battery, battery maintenance is the same. Maintenance of nickel-metal hydride battery, lead-acid and lithium ion regardless of mobile and fixed, nor sub-brands or manufacturers.
The loss of speed and battery life depends on many factors, the quality and capacity of the battery is very important, as well as the intensity and frequency of use, maintenance if properly will affect battery life.

Avoid throw touch, especially careful not to squeeze. Electrical products has always been not withstand the kind of throw touch,portable external battery chargers are no exception. A small mobile power battery is actually a complex device, throw touch or squeeze at any time may break inside the components, especially some people like to readily power on the move under the seat or on the nightstand, pressing books by various magazines, please note that this is very easy to damage the mobile power batteries.

Note that the temperature and humidity. Surely we have had this experience, if the weather is wet, especially back to the south, home to the TV one open, the screen is a little blurry, colors will be distorted, and this is the impact of humidity for appliances. Of course, mobile power is no exception, so try to avoid extremes of temperature and humidity are too mobile power storage environment, if there is more humid weather situation, you can use it more frequently, in order to charge it, so it is a good protection method.

Do not try to use fully charged. This is like the Iphone External Battery maintenance methods, cell phone batteries generally do not advocate the case did not finish the charging is interrupted use of mobile power is also true. Mobile power charger for mobile phone battery life first, before you move to full battery power supply itself, in the process, try to avoid the charge has not been completed is interrupted, as this also sacrificed its life.

Guangzhou Sunwith Co., LTD, established in 2005, is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited. We are a professional and famous power bank manufacturer and exporter in China.With our own professional R&D center, factory and marketing team, we devoted ourselves to offering customer with innovative 3C products.In 2010, the smart phone and tablet (Iphone, Ipod , Ipad, Sumsung, Motorola, blackberry, Nokia...) developed tremendously, the quick die-off battery becomes a frustrating problem for the users. We found the external battery division to solve this matter. Soon after, we lunched the external battery and Iphone power bank with fashionable designs, reliable quality and competitive price. At present, our product line has been expanded from the battery charger to mobile phone cases and accessories which are suitable for iPhone, iPods, iPad, smart phones, digital tablets and other portable devices.

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