Portable external battery charger usually refers to a device that converts AC to low voltage DC. To be specific, it is a kind of static converter device converting AC with fixed voltage and frequency to DC, adopting power electronics semiconductor devices.
The built-in lithium battery capacity of the portable charger is usually not so large. Generally it is of 800mAh to 2000mAh. Such battery products are generally characterized by small size, and portable convenience. Portable external battery charger is mainly used in people's daily life, which can be very handy for charging mobile phones, cameras, PSP, PDA, MP3, MP4, MP5 these digital products.

With the rapid development of the global economy, people's living standard has been constantly improved, and more and more portable electronic products have come out, such as laptops, Tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS, thermal equipment, healthcare equipment, and so on.
All of them are powered by batteries, but the original batteries of these devices are not able to work for long time due to their capacity is too low to meet the demand of the devices. When people go on a business trip or go travelling, these electronic devices are on the peak of work, and often go out of power at critical moments. Particularly when making phone calls, taking photos, playing games, PDA working and so on, the devices without electricity makes you feel hopeless and helpless. Besides, you can't get every device equipped with a battery backup, which is not only costly but also inconvenient. Based on this, in order to solve this annoyance issues, portable external battery charger came into being.

Product Classification
Portable IPhone External Battery It is convenient for charging IPhone, Nokia, Motorola and other high-end mobile phones. With portable mobile phone charger, you may charge mobile phones anytime, anywhere.
Portable MP3 Charger
It is convenient for charging MP3, MP4, MP5 and other music players. Through the portable charger you can charge anywhere, anytime, which is ideal for listening to music when traveling or business needs.
Portable PDA Charger
For business phones such as PDA, with large electricity consumption and fast power consumption speed, portable external charger enables you charging anywhere, anytime, which is ideal for traveling or on business needs.

At present, with the rapidly changing of digital products, consumers have higher and higher demands on properties other than product functionality. Especially product appearance style is paid more and more attention to by merchants and consumers. ABS material and piano baking finish technology are gradually being used in electronic products which makes products with both fashion elements and very comfortable handle.

portable external battery charger

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