Along with the rapid development of the global economy, people's living standard has been improving, and portable electronic products have become more and more, such as laptops, Tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS, thermal equipment, healthcare equipment and so on. All those electronic products need batteries, but their original batteries do not meet the use for long time because of the low batteries capacity. When these devices are using during a business trip or travelling, which are peaks of work time, they often go out of power, particularly when people are calling by mobile phones, taking photos by digital cameras, playing games by PSPs, working with PDAs, all of which make you hopeless and helpless. And you can't get every device equipped with a battery backup, which is not only costly but also inconvenient. Based on this, in order to solve this disturbing problem, external batteries came into being.
External battery can the power supply problem of many mobile devices, so as to solve the power shortage, making work and travel carefree. Some power banks on the market are of high capacity, and some of low. There are 6000 mAH external battery to 14000 mAh external battery, with smart battery indicator, generally lithium-ion polymer batteries, widely used in 5V devices.
The security problem of mobile power also has been taken seriously all the time. However, in the chaotic situation of the market, the unsafe factors of mobile power are also increasing. External battery must have protection measures such as short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, constant current, constant voltage, as well as high performance power management technology.

SW560 External Battery


Mobility, Versatility, Convenience

Mobility refers to external battery products perform their functions under mobile state (such as travelling, meeting, whenever the charger is not around or whenever is inconvenient to charge). That is, they can supply power anywhere at anytime to digital products without limits, really giving a sense of sureness to people, making life and work quality improved.
Versatility of mobile power is that the product can fit the widest range of digital products. Mobile power can serve for laptops, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDAs, game consoles (PSP), Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, CD players, repeaters, digital camera, portable DVDs, and other digital products. But for digital products that use higher voltage, such as laptops or something like that, you need to configure external batteries of high output voltage. This is proportional to the actual capacity of the power bank itself. In fact, not only that, mobile power supply can be used on any USBOn-the-Go (USB-OTG) portable devices (USB light, USB eye Massager USB coffee maker, and so on)by USB cables, as the most convenient mobile power supply.

Portability refers to the external battery is of small size, large capacity, and easy to carry. is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited. We are a professional and famous laptop, PSP, PDA, iPhone external battery manufacturer and exporter in China.

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