One winter, when I was a senior and was about to begin my intership in my hometown, my boyfriend, who used to be very stingy, suddenly said that he would give me a very precious gift. I was curious but also looking forward to it. Sitting in a classroom and wondering what the so-called precious gift will be. After school, I did not go back to the dormitory but directly went to my boyfriend's working place. When I found that the gift in front of me was the most popular and high-end mobile phone-Iphone, my tears immediately filled in my eyes. My boyfriend was said to be stingy is my way to ridicule him. My boyfriend and I were in two different cities, but in order to get together, he gave up the work with a high salary and came to the city where I was studying. All start again in a new city is difficult. For a quite long time, our money is only available for our clothing and housing. The appointment between lovers like watching movies or going to the coffee shop, were almost our schedules. Let alone sending roses or dolls.

This hard experience, however, highlighted the preciousness of that gift of that day. He said: "You will leave this city and begin your internships in another city. So we are going to have a very long time that we
cannot be together. This phone is very convenient and practical. The most important thing is that it can communicate with others by video call, so we can still see each other after you leave. "

A week later, I took the train home. Before I went on the train, he silently put a small box into my bag, I asked, "what was inside," he said, "It is not the right time to open it. " The train started, looking out of the window and thinking of those hard days that we live together, I took a look at your gift which warmed my heart tenderly, I decided to open the video calls at once. Looking at his face in the screen, it feels like that he was still around me. However, the good times didn't last long. After using the video call for a period of time, the battery soon ran out of power. But there were nearly ten hours before the train got to the destination,
and it would become much more inconvenient that I could not come into contact with my parents. No power of mobile phone made my journey suddenly become so helpless. I sent messages to tell him about my trouble. He soon sent back. He said "Do you remember the small box that I put in your bag? You can open it now." Unzipped my bag and opened that box, I was greeted with the words Iphone External Battery. My tears could not help felling again. I said "Your care is always so meticulous." He sent back in a joking tone, " the word are so cheesy that you'd better speak to the power bank manufacturer."

Connecting the power with my phone and looking out the window, out of which, the shade of trees was passing hurriedly. The words you said just now was emerging in my mind, "If you like fashion, I'm your battery with power bank 5000mah; if you prefer convenience, I'm your 6000mah external battery; but the same as 20000mah external battery, I will always be your side to provide you with the energy of love."

External-battery.net is established in 2005, is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited. They are a professional and famous power bank manufacturer and exporter in China.
With their own professional R&D center, factory and marketing team, they devoted themselves to offering customer with innovative 3C products.

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