Now on the train, bus, many public places, what are some of the headphone, holding a smartphone and a series of electronic digital products of a new generation of young "tide". In the mobile phone "tide" more and more at the same time, mobile power supply began to flood in the market.

Visiting cities in a large digital mall, all kinds of mobile power occupies more than half a jiangshan. All the mobile agent dealers joyfully to the comings and goings of the crowd to promote smart phones and related accessories. In fact, the development of the mobile power supply is not on those routes as smartphones benign trend. Manifestations are hampering the development of mobile power supply industry, the real flow to the hands of consumers of mobile power supply and how much is the "true"?
Now on the market for mobile power generally the built-in batteries will surely can be divided into lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. To understand the two batteries of consumers will soon be able to find this difference.
Lithium ion batteries have the technology to China is the most mature. But, this is also its limitations, it is because of the lithium ion battery technology is very mature, so the more manufacturers will be a lot of acquisition of waste battery recycling, just after a certain process processing, can be refurbished for use. And technology reason because it is a refurbished batteries, battery price is very economic and easy to purchase. The problems caused by high.

Lithium polymer batteries in the industry is no longer a fresh word. Relative to the lithium ion battery, lithium polymer batteries, fundamentally improved the problem of battery leakage, can free play on volume, can realize single high voltage, high capacity at the same time, put the lithium ion battery power more than 10%. So, brand in the mobile power supply, the large manufacturer will choose domestic famous enterprises of lithium polymer batteries as a power source for the best mobile power supply. Its safety and quality has become the first choice condition, the cost price is 40% higher than that of lithium ion battery.
The appearance of smart phones, mobile phone market of public attention received an unprecedented increase, especially the star products such as iPhone but also got many fans chase after hold in both hands. However, it is because of the function of the smartphone unprecedented strong, everyone playing mobile phone time is greatly increased, cell phone battery technology development lag, the standby time is too short problems are growing up.

Teach people how to correctly select mobile power supply:

The preferred ultra-thin mobile power supply. In order to convenient to carry, be about to choose small ultra-thin (this is a must) to 1 mobile power supply, for example, only 1.1 cm thick, the body weight 79.9 grams, carry very convenient oh. For power supply products, convenience is important, but security is also cannot be ignored.
Mobile power supply batteries to identify. Batteries on the market in general is divided into two kinds: 18650 lithium polymer batteries and lithium batteries. Lithium polymer batteries is commonly shape pianpian, use similar material wrapped in aluminum foil, can charge the battery cycle use about 1100 times; 18650 lithium batteries are generally like number 5 dry cell shape, may use about 1100 times charging circuit.

Capacity of choose and buy. For filling smartphones, select a capacity of 5000 ma is enough. It is important to note that when buying mobile power you don't too pursuit of high capacity, as capacity is bigger, to the manufacturer's technology level and the product has a higher request, if the quality is not pass, it's easy to cause some unexpected problems gives off heat, cause safe hidden trouble. In terms of one's current level of technology, mobile power supply capacity of within 5000 milliampere are generally safer, more than the specifications and low price products could cut corners and capacity virtual mark problems, be careful to buy.

General mobile power conversion efficiency is about 85%, better can reach 85-90%, normal cell phone charging conversion efficiency is about 90%, and then turn the wastage of the wiring connector is typically 2%, then turn wiring connector in efficiency is 98%, then the mobile power around 5000 mah, eventually be able to completely using by mobile phone is: 5000 * 0.90 * 0.90 * 0.98 = 3969 ma.
Choose the best voltage. The input voltage of 5 v 1 a equipment have: iPad, iPhone, iPod, the Galaxy TAB, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, digital camera, GPS and other products quick charge; 8-12 v input voltage of the device are: tablet PC, cameras, SLR cameras, etc.; 12 to 24 v input voltage of the device are: laptop computers, etc.

Choose intelligent, security and good after-sales. Intelligence is automatic recognition by filling products, choose the best charging scheme; Safety is the mobile power devices in the smart chip protection board, prevent short circuit and overcharge, discharge, a temperature to safety protection measures.

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In the mobile phone "tide" more and more at the same time, mobile power supply began to flood in the market.


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