Mobile Power is a Business Opportunity!

Why the mobile power is increasingly hot, what does this mean? Is this a business opportunity? With the constant attention of the mobile power supply manufacturers to e-commerce, network, as for mobile power, is a fast channel for integration, marketing and communications. Continue to shorten the distance of exposing rates and sales on the Internet can achieve the biggest beneficiaries of the investment of integration of brand communication and product sales. The wave of e-commerce is in full swing, both small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises at home and abroad all want to get some profit. All the activities that such as in May this year that Tencent acquired Icson, Baidu enters group buy, 360 enters search engine, the merger of Tudou and Youku, all theses series of mergers and acquisitions activity show the days of the war side of the electricity suppliers, and at the same time they resolutely resist channels for electricity providers, for their own building barriers from the traditional line channels, that's their current existence and prosperity! In fact, to shield mobile power online and offline channels, mainly in two aspects: to compete for consumers with price shocks. It is just this situation dramatically muster the disordered condition of the portable power bank market. Why the so popular mobile power markets will be in a mess, in the final analysis, there is no uniform industry standards for guidance!
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Why the Mobile Power Industry Standard Isn’t Formed?

For any one industry, the answer is very obvious. Of course, it has the need to develop industry standards. Without standard, it will not be bound to undermine the health of the industry. From a practical point of view that the mobile power market is in the destruction of the rule. Then it will lead to the question: draw up the industry standards? The answer is yes. The standard of the industry, coupled with the government's support and cooperate with various big brands, you will naturally develop and lay it down. However, seen from the current situation, these three conditions are not ripe. Without industry standard, to realize the actual standard capacity of high mah external battery will be just a blue suburban dream. There are three factors affect the situation, as follows:
1.1 No big mobile power brands, even now they have a certain influence, their products are not necessarily the best. There exist many problems. There is a real evaluation of mobile power network for nearly 100 brands of mobile power. There are big brands and also small brands. The fact that among many of the so-called hot sale good brands, the vast majority of them is non-compliant.
1.2 The government will not participate. Associated with the influence of mobile power, because there are many consumers do not know the mobile power is what a thing, in addition to the peace of mobile power industry, and therefore seen from all things, we can predict that the government will not actively enters this participation. 1.3 Mobile power is just a small part, is still not enough to make giants to carve up the cake. In other words, one thing must form something of industry standards, it must be an independent appendage attached to certain products.
So the conclusion is: there is an urgent need for the development of industry standards, but the situation is complex, currently it is unable to develop standards, not to perform it! is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited, which is a leading company specialized in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various external batteries. Our own brand "SUNWITH" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world. Welcome to visit our website!

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