Mobile power with an electric charge to the phone, how long? This is based on the mobile power supply output current intensity decision.

Now mobile power output is 5V, then the current strength will determine the time to charge the phone, mobile power network in the actual process of evaluation of the product, but also found a phenomenon, but also come up with to share with consumers.

Output voltage 4.8V, or not less than 4.5V, then the charging 1A and 1.5A for charging, it is clear, 1.5A charge rate to be faster, but the time has not, just have this phenomenon.
In addition to the mobile phone there is a reason for restricting power charging, if you move the control power supply PCBA strictly the case, then the current intensity is useless. In other words, a good mobile power 5V/1A output is marked, with the exception of the loss, there are about 980-995mAl output because PCBA do control. Also according to your cell phone to decide, for example, your phone is 2V/800mA input, so no matter how much current mobile power released, only to accept such a large current input.
The above relates to the number of technical phenomena. The following approximate calculation time to do an estimate.

For a 1500mAh cell phone, 1A output can be filled in about 1-2 hours.
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