Now, everyone can not be separated from the high-tech digital products, whether at work, study or entertainment, more and more digital products each plays in everyone's life, but it is a very important role. In the city, if you want to find a body without any piece of digital products, is almost impossible.

My digital product that is good enough you have to level, but also a lot of breakdown down. Mobile phone, PDA, iPod, PSP, digital camera, basically necessary for life, do not fall. The problem is that the various digital products smaller and smaller, the function is more and more diverse, resulting in the reduction in power consumption of battery thin, resulting in increased power consumption and processor speeds increase. While many manufacturers have also put a lot of R & D, but relatively speaking, digital products endurance still not been satisfactorily resolved. Therefore, the mobile power came into being.

In the past, buy on the market are some of the southern coastal city of workshop production of branded goods. This three non-product quality can not be guaranteed, and often risking damage to the danger of the digital equipment. This situation has been maintained to the APC Universal Mobile Power market, was able to improve.

APC Mobile Power Pac for iPod for up to 55 hours of additional run-time, and be recharged 500 times, the relative available capacity is still up to 80%, which is entirely due to the APC power for many years manufacturing experience and advanced battery management technology . Function, stability or workmanship sophistication, are far behind those OEM products.

This case, take full advantage of the general characteristics of this mobile power, mobile power can be considered a magical effect, we hope to inspire and help.

Many people will have this kind of experience, a business trip or before traveling to pack the most difficult trade-offs, streamline carried belongings. Travel time is not long, but the need to bring clothes, toiletries and everything can not be less. The most troublesome is the variety of digital products charger, a variety of rechargeable batteries, inverters, transformers and a wide range of power cord. Bring it up too much may not be useful; without it, in case of which stuff is dead back the digital tile "I felt more losses fast enough. If you dispense with some digital objects will feel inconvenient.

In fact, as long as the use of APC Mobile Power versatility, you can solve this problem. You only need to bring APC Mobile Power Pac mobile power, because it is a universal USB interface, use it to charge all digital products, digital products charger and spare battery thrown at home. You only need to bring APC Mobile Power Pac charger and universal USB interface Jiuhaola,.

You may ask, if there are two things together with no electricity, what should I do? This possibility is not, but the probability is very small. Battery capacity, frequency of use, basically will not run out of battery at the same time. Moreover, by some real-life skills can be resolved. My actual experience is that most products are lithium batteries, can be recharged at any time. A product is idle, it readily inserted in the mobile power supply, do not wait it completely recharge the battery, so you can reduce the probability of two or more digital products at the same time no electricity.

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